This was a full U.S.2001 tour.  I want you to imagine doing a 31 day tour with only 2 days break.  We played
every night.  You can?t remember all the bands that you played with.  This is something that I will never do
again and in my opinion it was the worst tour we ever did.  However Scott thinks that it was the best Resist and
Exist tour.  We all came back with lack of sleep and weighed less.  I lost about 15 pounds from this tour.  
Many thanks to Neil from Tribal War records for driving the van.  Most of the shows were small, at co-op
houses, community centers, small venues, etc. I cannot remember all the opening bands that we played with
each night.   I really did not like the scene in the east coast because Scott booked us with hardcore bands.
However it was really inspiring to see small collectives, centers, co-op houses, all struggling to get by.  The
band members got along very well on the whole tour except when Austin was on stage talking about arm
struggle and putting down the peace movement.  I got in a big argument with him after that show.  Thanks to
all the collectives and people who fed us and gave us a place to stay, the collectives (sorry can?t remember all
the names), Picasso (Mankind), Chris (Anti Product), Adriann (Spitboy), Repeat Offender, Gunspiking,
Christine (Slug & Lettuce), Dan (Profane), Fabio from Chicago, Eileen, and many people that I forgot the
names for.  Since this was a long tour and I wanted to come back home, I did not write a journal.  Till this day,
I don?t understand why Neil had us do a full US tour.  The only good thing was we brought tons of literatures
and every show Austin and Jeff talked about political prisoners.  The tour was more like activists hanging out
together instead of just a band.  We did network a lot and I?m really glad we at least broke even from this tour.

Neil doing guest vocals for Resist and Exist

very awesome band - I forgot the name :(

Resist and Exist - my voice went out...

2 AM Revolution

A poet (forgot her name) @ Liberation Collective

DJ Fishfight and Captain Oi

Resist and Exist @ ABC No Rio in NY

Scott and Fabio in Chicago