This is the Mexico Tour Journal that I wrote.  It's not all finished yet.

Other members wrote for Profane Existence
issue # 44

According to Jeff it was the best tour ever.
This is Nalley
Edgar making us vegan food.
We were asked many times to come and play in MexicoCity.   I'd been hearing  a lot of good things from Subsistencia and Scott.  Scott tried to organize a couple shows down there for us but somehow it never worked out.  One day Jen  and I were kicking back at Luna Sol Cafe.  Chauch came up and sat next to us and began telling us how crazy Mexico City was (he has never been there).
He said robbery was really common there and that Los Crudos had their equipment stolen.  That conversation with Chauch pretty much scared me and Jen away  from playing in Mexico.  I talked to Martin from Los Crudos and he told me that their equipment  wasn't stolen at the punk show. He said someone broke into their van and  stole the equipment after the gig...when they were parked far away from the  show.  Obviously that scenario could have just as easily occurred here.
Then we heard more stories from various other people about how crazy punk shows were there.  And they never been there too just heard it from word to mouth.  So,  needless to say, I was dumb and  kind of lost interest in playing Mexico City.

I ran in to Raul from the JAR collective at Luna Sol cafe.  He told us that  JAR and some other collectives  would pay for round trip flight  tickets for the band  to travel to Mexico.  We turned the offer down  because,  one of the band members felt weird taking money from the collective for our travel expenses. 
About a year had passed and I was watching TV, flipping through some  channels and KCET was airing an educational documentary called "Global Tribe".  The host interviewed a punk collective from Mexico City called "JAR".  The film detailed punks working on community gardening and repairing low  income houses.  Seeing their dedication really touched my heart.  It was amazing to see punk rockers organizing and implementing activism in their area.....really making a difference and not just talking about it.  You will  never see that here in Los Angeles.  You will see ex-activist punks going in that direction but not full on punk looking kids organizing in their own community.  That film really touched me.
So Raul came to LA again and I told him that I recorded the Global Tribe documentary and played it to all the band members and that we would love to travel there and meet the JAR Collective.  Raul immediately emailed the collectives in Mexico that Resist and Exist would be paying their own travel expenses.  He assured us that the collectives would help us out and pay the money back after couple of gig so Resist and Exist can break even on the tour..

I checked out the JAR web sites and saw punks at protests and even providing security for Zapatista.   The only problem was that we couldn't stay for more than a week because a couple members of Resist and Exist have jobs, and at the time I had my own shop.  After talking to Fallas del Sistema it was decided that we would do 4 shows (anarcho-punk festivals).
We were in a rush to get our passports and were careful not to take any anarchist literature due to airport security.  One of our guitarists (Jimmy) is afraid of flying so he stayed behind.  So that left just  me, Jen, Jeff and Ben.  I was worried that people would disapprove of us flying down there instead of just driving.  I didn't take a sleeping bag or any clothes.  I just had a shirt, pants and jacket.
I did bring along a bag of health food snacks.  We ordered vegan and vegetarian meals on the plane but they didn't provide the vegan meal, despite the fact that the option appears on their website.  So Ijust ended up eating a lot of raw nuts, dried fruits, power bars and juice that I brought along from the health food store.  We were all kicking back and enjoying the flight.  Some of the band members decided to take advantage of the free alcohol during the flight.  I think it took us about 7 hours to get there because we had to make 3 stops.  It was night time when we arrived in Mexico City.  Looking out the window I saw a big city with tons of light and cars in motion.

When we got into the airport we saw Nalley and members of the JAR collective.  It was great to see them upon our arrival. They drove us to Nalley's pad.  We ate, rested, talked and listened to music. Nalley and her partner stayed at my pad during the LA Heal fest a couple of  years prior.  She told me that at the time I didn't talk to her because I was so stressed out with organizing the event.  I felt bad about that..  Nalley's house was weird.  It was made out of cement.  The bathroom walls and floor were all cement and their was no running hot water.

Nalley's partner (Edgar) made us some great vegan food.  After eating so much I ended up falling asleep.