Saturday night show with Seth doing a accoustic set on cross, Empirismo and Autonomy:




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*YOUTH LAW AND ANARCHISM - This worlshop was an introduction to youth law and the steps to take if the youth is arrested.  Youth Law is different from Adult Law for many resons.  It also related Youth Law to Anarchism with different tactics to use for Direct Action.  *HEMP AND ITS IMPACT, *POLITICAL PRISONERS, *BLACK BLOC - A discussion on the Black Bloc as a tactic in resistance.  A look at how the Black Bloc has been employed in the United States.  *WORKERS SABOTAGE - Ways to tell your boss "where to go" by stealing, destroying computer systems, undercharging, letting customers steal, conspiring with other employees, not working, doing drugs and having sex on the job, stealing time back, and blowing up your boss. *HOBOISTIC LIVING - A how to and introduction to travel for transportation, adventure, and fun.  *DRUGS AND HOW THEY DEFEAT THE REVOLUTION - Open Discussion, *HISTORY OF ANARCHISM IN MEXICO - A look at the beginnings of Anarchist ideas in Mexico with a focus with a focus on influential people and organizations and activities.  Also, an examination of the role and participation of Anarchist before and during the Mexican Revolution.  *Web Collective - Critique and discussion on the Web Network being an effective tool for networking in Southern California.  *PERSONAL ANARCHISM - The workshop was a forum to discuss various ways that anarchism can be utilize in everyday life.  Theft, crime, cops, and the "greater system" will be analysed as to how they affect individuals or don't.  An individual adventure.  *SITUATIONIST INFLUENCE ON ANARCHY - A brief intro to the Situationalist International, it's history, ideas, and works.  An overview of their accomplishments and the relevance of Situationalist theory to the modern day Anarchist Movement.  *ANARCHO AGRARIANISM - The search and the struggle for liberation land tenure.  Covering contemporary issues such as homelessness, squats, economic inequality, the housing crisis, the environment, governmental territoriality, and hunger.  This workshop examine international and historic anarchist perspectives and action on land tenture.  The workshop then used group process to formulate a modern and regionally appropriate vision of future land tenture, and a plan of action to achieve this goal.                                     That's about it - I can't put all the workshops that went on.