I'm still a big fan of Conflict.  They have done many important things in the past.
They have inspired me musically and it's really good that they are still around all these years.
                                                 Conflict + Resist and Exist West Coast tour
Speakers and booths:

Animal Defense League, No Compromise, Food Not Bombs, People Against Racist Terror, Phoenix Anarchist Coalition, Radical Cheerleaders, Riot Grrrl, Anarchist Prisoners Legal Action Network, North American Environmental Liberation Prisoners Support Network, Alternative Gathering Collective, AK Press, Green Anarchy Magazine, Liberation Collective, Anarchist Black Cross, Revolutionary Anti-authoritarians of Color, Anarchist Mutual Aid Network, Wild fire Info Shop,...

Ference sent me email requesting information on the HEAL festival.  Somehow I started to correspond with Colin from Conflict.  I was in charge of getting all the speakers and organizations for Conflict's west coast tour.

I was already planning on going on tour with them so Colin suggested that Resist and Exist come along and play a few shows with Conflict.  I was very excited because Conflict was a major influence on me in the old days.  However 2 members of Resist and Exist had objections to going on tour with Conflict so I resorted to begging and finally they acquiesced.  

August 17th - Los Angeles

Today was the first day of the HEAL fest. Conflict arrived early and I was really excited about Colin doing one of the workshops.  He told me that he and Paco would do it together.  As we were walking towards the park I asked Colin to talk about the history of Conflict and all the causes they were involved with; like bust funds, opening centers, ALF arrests, etc. 

We organized into a circle and I introduced Colin and Paco.  Ference pulled me aside and wanted a list of the organizations that would table the event at The Palace. It was a good thing that they gave us about 25 slots on the guest list so all the AGC people were able to get in for free.  Workshops continued to go on all over the park in small circles. Some were disorganized and started spontaneously.  As it was getting dark people started to head up to The Palace but some of the older anarchist's weren't interested and just wanted to hang out at Luna Sol Café. I was very surprised that Scott from Resist and Exist didn't want to go. I went but arrived late. Some of the organizations who were tabling came up to me very mad saying that the Goldenvoice people were giving them a hard time, and even threatened to kick them out. Matt from Anarchist Black Cross got really mad and just left. He was scheduled to speak at the show.

The first band was Contravene from Arizona. I arranged for them to replace Resist and Exist because I didn't want to play at The Palace.  Unfortunately the timing was all wrong.  I don't understand why they had to go on first.  Contravene's drummer asked  Paco if he could  borrow his snare and Paco refused. Contravene was very disappointed and apologized on stage for playing a Goldenvoice show.  They left right after their set.  I felt really bad. People were angry for a number of different reasons. Later on in the show we attempted to bring in two big boxes of Conflict shirts to sell but Goldenvoice wouldn't let us bring them in.  We made the Conflict shirts with Colin's permission to raise money for AGC. We did finally get the shirts in after Ference from Conflict argued with the Goldenvoice people.

Sandra from AGC did a really good job speaking to the crowd.  Later that night Conflict went on. I was very excited and sad at the same time. Colin talked shortly about the HEAL festival and the fact that they were performing there tomorrow.

August 18th Pomona

Today is the 2nd day of the HEAL festival and the place is packed. Conflict isn't here yet. They're going to do a free show for us this evening, however  the PA system will not be here on time. We had an emergency meeting and more than half the people from AGC don't want Conflict to play the HEAL Fest. 
Other people came up to me and said we should let the Green Anarchy panel go on and not have Conflict play.

I was very disappointed with the decision and had to call Conflict and let them know. I called Ference on his cell phone and told him the bad news.  He was very disappointed. Initially Conflict wanted to meet with the people from AGC but later called back to cancel saying that if people didn't like them than they weren't  coming. So the Green Anarchy Panel went on with an activist from Eugene. There were a lot of punk activists at this event.

There are two shows going on tonight: The Heal fest show and a show at The Glass House in Pomona.
Ralph and I went to the show in Pomona.  Warrior from AGC went up on stage to talk. It was a very big show with a lot of young kids. The audience was being very disrespectful. It reminded me of a rock n roll crowd. The Glass House was packed.  I arrived when Conflict was about to go on. I asked Ference if Colin was mad about what happened today. He said he was at first.  Then Ference told me that Warrior told him that only two people from the AGC collective blocked the decision. I didn't understand where she came up with this story because almost all of the AGC collective blocked the Conflict show. But I didn't  explain to him what really happened.

Conflict was on stage. I went to the side of the stage to sit down and watch. Colin looked at me. I thought he was going to yell at me. Then he came walking towards me in the middle of a song and reached down and gave me a hug.  That was a relief. The concert was over. I jumped in the Conflict tour van and left with them.