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Joaquin has been known to us for some years now as a voice of militancy and reason in the Los Angeles area,
working with Cop-Watch LA, Anarchist People of Color, and Revolutionary Autonomous Communities. His arrest
at the end of June on a felony charge of possession of a concealed weapon – a legally-purchased firearm kept
in the boot of his car while he was driving it – appears to be concocted by members of the Los Angeles Police
Department who have come under the uncomfortable community scrutiny of Cop-Watch Los Angeles.

The felony possession charge is a serious one as it carries a prison sentence and bail has been set at an
exorbitant $40,000 (almost R315,000), which is obviously designed to keep him behind bars awaiting
arraignment. The community is attempting to raise bail, but Joaquin’s arrest demonstrates quite clearly the
hurdles that police – with no genuine case against their suspect – are prepared to throw in the face of ordinary
people who simply demand the democratic right to ensure that the police do not abuse their powers.

Joaquin is obviously known and intensely disliked by the LAPD and every minute he is in their custody, his life is
at risk. We demand that the bogus charge against him be dropped immediately and that he be returned
unharmed to his community. We call for an international campaign by progressive and community organisations
for his release.

July 3, 2008

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
200 North Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Fax at (213) 978-0655

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Please find the Worker Solidarity Alliance's (WSA) statement of solidarity with Mr. Joaquin Cienfuegos of
Copwatch LA.

This statement is in regards to the arrest by the Los Angeles Police/Sheriff Department of one Mr. Joaquin
Cienfuegos on JUNE 26, 2008 at roughly 11:00PM in Los Angeles.

We the undersigned on behalf of the Worker Solidarity Alliance, and it’s collective membership, one and all,
stand in solidarity with and demand the immediate release of one Joaquin Cienfuegos, a founding member of
Cop-Watch Los Angeles, from the custody of the Los Angeles Police/Sheriffs Department.

Mr. Cienfuegos, a longtime political and social activist, has long been under special scrutiny by the LAPD for his
political stances and his social advocacy work in the community. And based upon the details of Mr. Cienfuegos
arrest that have come to our attention we of the WSA feel very strongly that the LA Police/Sheriffs departments
have singled out Mr. Cienfuegos for special scrutiny and treatment in this case based upon his political
activism, and as such we consider Mr. Cienfuegos to be a political prisoner of the LA Police/Sheriff departments
and the City of Los Angeles. We feel strongly that the arrest of Mr. Cienfuegos was carried out in violation of
Mr. Cienfuegos civil rights and with malicious intent by the Los Angeles Police/Sheriff Department and the
arresting officers.

Furthermore we feel strongly that every day that Mr. Cienfuegos remains in the custody of the LAPD that his
well-being, health, and in fact very life, are threatened due to his political stance and activism vis-vis the LAPD.
The exorbitant 40,000 USD amount set for Mr. Cienfuegos bail is completely unacceptable, and in our eyes is
clearly an attempt to keep Mr. Cienfuegos in indefinite police custody pending trial, we feel strongly that this
unacceptably high bail is a malicious attempt by the judiciary of the city of Los Angeles to castigate and punish
Mr. Cienfuegos due to his political and social activism.

We the membership of the Worker Solidarity Alliance stand in full solidarity with Mr. Joaquin Cienfuegos, and if
any physical harm should befall Mr. Cienfuegos during his time in the custody of the Los Angeles Police
Department, or any other department or agency of the city of Los Angeles, we the WSA will hold you, the Mayor
of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Police/Sheriff Department, and the judiciary of the city of
Los Angeles directly and personally responsible for any such misfortune.

Free Joaquin!

In solidarity with Joaquin Cienfuegos!

Very truly yours,

Workers Solidarity Alliance
339 Lafayette St, Room 202
New York, NY 10012

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