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We got a phone call from Yosef and he invited Resist and Exist to come up to SF and play a benefit show for Anarchy Journal
magazine at Gilman St. in Berkeley.  This was during the Anarchist Bookfair event.  Due to different schedule conflict we all drove
separately.  The band, different collectives and friends went  up there on Friday morning March25th.  Joey, Babs and Lucha picked up
a couple people and drove an ambulance that runs in veggie oil and diesel fuel.  Jeff, Rick and Jimmy went to Oakland to check out a
punk show.  Rick said we had housing and we could stay with Born Dead.  But we decided to go to the Anarchist Cafe on Friday night
and stay with Yosef (vegan sxe).   It was a long drive to SF and we picked up Katie's friends from Portland and met up with Santa Ana
Food Not Bombs folks and went to this vegan restaurant called Herbivore.   Later on that night we went to the Anarchist Cafe.  Their
was about 300 people there.  They had music, spoken words, vegan food and a kids space.  It was an awesome atmosphere.  I've
met so many different anarchist groups there.  Even ran into my old friends who I once used to live with over 10 years ago at a co-op
house.  A lot of my old friends live up in SF now who are school teachers and organizers.   When they asked what I was doing now - I
felt ashamed and just said "still sing for a punk rock band".  That night I got really inspired and told my old buddy Chris Crass that
one day I'm gonna catch up with him.   A lot of my old punk friends from over 10 years ago got out of the music scene and got into
radical activism and thats what they do for livings now.  I became a social butterfly that night and talked to many wonderful folks, gave
hugs and exchanged phone numbers.
Radical Cheerleaders
Anarchist Cafe
(Anarchist of
Chris Crass, Jeff Larson
& Rahula (my old friends)
Me and Katie's friends stayed at Josef apartment and ran into Ashley who lives up
there now.   After couple of hours of sleep we all got up early to head down to the
Anarchist Bookfair at the Golden Gate park.  Their was so many tables and books at
this event and we even ran into Profane Existence folks.  Kate had to leave early
because she was going to a hardcore show in Orange County.  I set up my small
distro outside with blankets and next to me was Elyse selling homemade hemp
necklaces.  I ran into Green Anarchy Mag from Eugene and John Zerzan.  In my
opinion Green Anarchy is the best magazine with a sense of humour.   One of the
people from Green Anarchy was joking around and said what about a benefit show for
us?   I said sure - lets talk  with Jeff about this.  I told John Zerzan to come to the gig
tonight for the Anarchy Journal magazine at Gilman St and he actually showed up.  It
was really great because it is rare for anarchist activists to go to punk rock shows
these days...
Lacey, Kate
and her friend
behind Anarchist
Syndicalist flag
at Josef apartment.
Jeff and John
Zerzan at the
Ashley and her
at Josef place
Outside of
Anarchist Bookfair
Elyse with naked
My old friend Dave
from No Compromise
Me and Ward Churchhill
P.E. crew
Speaker at the Anarchist
Rick & Sothira         Ben w/ Gilman St volunteers                             Gather                                   Checking email @ Gilman                              Gilman St.
Resistant Culture                            Josef                                         Tattoos                                   Lacey from Sacro             Joey hanging banners         Lacey from Portland
                                                                                                                                               and my buddy Hunter                                                       and Jen on our way        

Jen just came up to Berkeley and she drove all the way up here by herself.  Later on Sothria who used to sing for Crucifix came to the show.  
He has a  band called Proudflesh.  I havent seen him for 10 years.  The bands that played that night was Kill Dash Nine, Takaru (last show),
Gather, Resistant Culture (from L.A.).  I really loved Gather.  They are a vegan straight edge band with a women vocalist.   Resist and Exist
was headlining the show and we dedicated our set to John Zerzan and my good friend Chris Crass.  Also it was Hunters birthday so we
invited him on stage and sang happy birthday and he ended up running off the stage to his mom Lacey from Sacramento.  
I'm really glad that we played this benefit show.  We haven't played a show like this for a long time and after that we said goodbye to everyone
and me, Jen and Lacey from Portland took off that night and drove back down to Los Angeles.  I left a lot of things out but it was really
inspiring to be up there and gave me a lot of ideas and hopes.  I already miss a lot of people.
PS- I ran into my old friend Matt and he just finished law school and now he is gonna become a lawyer.  
Santa Ana FNB folks in SF