January 2012
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Resist and Exist got invited to perform at the 10th Annual Grrl Fest in Orange County on March 19th.  This is a free event. 
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Thank you for coming out to the Anarcho Fest in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.  Resist and Exist hasn't performed in 4 years so it was really re-freshing and all.  You can check out the pics online
j We are performing in TJ on Feb. 26 and got invited to headline at the Grrl Fest show in Santa Ana in March- this is a free event.  For more info go to the show page.  We would like to thank Cait for playing bass with us and wish her all the best on moving up north.  And Jen - a long time member who played on all the Resist and Exist recording will be joining us again.
Resist and Exist will be playing again on January 28th, 29th and 30th  2011.  Please check out the show page
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Uploaded two live Resist and Exist videos from 2007.   Video one
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Subj: Contribution for the R&E website
Date: 5/31/02 6:15:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Austin

Resist And Exist is a group that formed way before my introduction to political punk music. They had  member changes, wrote many songs, and incorporated their activism, and their lifestyles into their music. This was an example to many of us younger kids growing up in the punk genre which was also, unfortunately, connected to the negative; alcoholism, rugged nihilism, and an excuse to be irresponsible. The political side of punk that Resist And Exist was promoting seemed to be a much healthier step in the right direction. It meant controlling your life, promoting mutualism in your community, and challenging those roles and institutions which are oppressive. We had a soundtrack for this struggle and others to relate to.

This band was important in the way that each of their musical releases had themes. The "Dare to Struggle - Dare to Win" 7" captured me in such a way that I became more and more interested in the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army, and other radical organizations of the 60s and 70s. I was inspired by the multi-cultural work that Resist And Exist was doing at the time.

When I was losing interest in my life and associating myself with anti-social trends, Resist And Exist offerred me both a spot in the band, and four new relationships. This provided a space for growth, and a chance at traveling the outside world. I was only sixteen at the time and completely excited about this new opportunity. Music was already a passion of mine, and I had an increasing interest in social revolutionary ideas. In one way, you can say that joining such an inspiring project helped me to pick myself up and lead a life of rebellion and love.

As a diverse bunch, inspired by different events and ideas throughout the world, we set out to accomplish maintaining a band that would continue to share radical views and practices. Anarchism was at the forefront of our political and social theory.

One of the issues that I feel were truly important about our band's message was a drug-free lifestyle. Not everyone in the band adhered to such a decision, but overall, this choice would later play a big part in my life. I recognized through study and experience that drugs were being pumped into neighborhoods of color across the US, that they were being brought here by agencies like the CIA to destroy liberation movements of color around the country. In becoming a social revolutionary, I have weighed out the benefits of both a drug and drug-free lifestyle. I eventually chose the path of soberiety and I have the band to thank for opening this avenue in my life.

It felt good playing mostly benefit concerts and gatherings throughout my time in the band. I think that we did this because it was a matter of what we believed in. These concerts were never an opportunity for us to gain glory neccessarilly. We knew that fundraising for community alternatives, political prisoners and radical organizations was essential for movement building. From my first tour with Against Me, to the second where Neil from Tribal War Records accompanied us, to my last with Conflict and Against All Authority, we shared great times. These are memories of mine, full of ups and downs, that I will forever charish. There was nothing like a live show in a new city.

Last year, I originally meant to take some time away from the group, but it ended up being that I left it altogether. I was going through some personal and political difficulty, not to mention, I needed to focus on finishing school, finding a job, supporting my mother and committing myself to anti-sexist work. As of now, I am involved with the Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross Federation Branch Group, which is a political prisoner support organization that promotes social anarchism. I still keep in touch with some of the members in Resist And Exist, and I am currently working on new styles of music. I feel bad for leaving so much out from my time with Resist And Exist, but it might be better this way - I tend to write book loads. I do want to say that I am glad to see that the group is still alive and kicking. I hope that they continue to inspire new generations of youth with their compassionate and honest presense. I send my love to all of the members ever involved with Resist And Exist, and especially to Scott Gibson, Jang Wuk Lee, Jen Kitner and Jeff Hendricks.

"Love is contraband in Hell, cause love is an acid that eats away at bars. But you, me, and tomorrow hold hands and make vows that struggle will multiply. The Hacksaw has two blades. The shotgun has two barrels. We are pregnant with freedom. We are a conspiracy." -Assata Shakur
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