Our first Ep that came out in 1997.  Released by Spiral Records.
Tracks are:  The Korean Protest Song, Poem, Vultures, Needs, Inconvenience, and Buried 6 Feet Under.
Our 2nd Ep "Dare to Struggle-Dare to Win" came out in 1998.  Released by Spiral Records.
Tracks are: The Movement.., Assimilation, Sadness Sorrow Despair Pain, and The Women Song.
An Animal Rights Compilation Ep released by Spiral Records in 1999.  With Resist And Exist (Every Last Life/re-recorded), A // Political, React and Act of Heresy.
AFTERMATH compilation released by Blackened Distribution from Minneapolis. 
This is a double LP and also released on a CD.  A benefit for Profane Existence.
Bands are Resist And Exist (The Women Song - live track), Axiom, Armistice, Riot Clone, Calloused, Sin Dios, Armistice, Cress, Operation and much more...
Blackened Distribution, P.O. Box 8722, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Our first full length LP released in 2000 called Kwangju.  Released by Tribal War Records from Portland.  Tracks are: Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Betray Our Mother, Voices of Dissent, Liberation Poem, Needs, Kprean Protest Song/ Movement,
Identity Hatred, Every Last Life, Curious Poem, Aeons Upon Aeons and Departed
Silence.  Tribal War Records 1951 W. Burnside #1945, Portland, OR 97209
Resist And Exist "Kwangju" CD - Same as above but in a CD format with a different cover.  Released by Spiral Records in 2000.
DROPPING FOOD ON THEIR HEADS IS NOT ENOUGH! BENEFIT COMP for Women of Afghanistan. Featuring: Resist And Exist, Anti Flag, Jello Biafra, ESL,
Litmus Green, Chumbawamba, Armistice and much.  Click on this site for more info or to order: 
Geykido Comet Records.
Split CD with Phobia + Resist And Exist.  Recorded and released in 2002. 
CD was released by OHEV records from East Coast.  And the LP is released
by Profane Existence from Minneapolis
"INNATE REBELLION"- split CD with Contravene, Resistant Culture, Resist and Exist
and Fallas Del Sistema.  CD released by Spiral Records in 2005.  Vinyl LP will be released by Catchphraze Records.  All new songs.  Go to this web site to order a copy:
Resist and Exist - Music for Social Change CD: 1st and 2nd Ep on CD + studio songs from old demo.
Click on the link to order:
Resist and Exist - The Best of ... Kwangju Discography CD released by SOS Records in 2007

1997 1st EP line up is

Jang - vocals, Jen - bass, Jimmy - guitar, Freddy - drums and poetry by Fabi

1998 2nd EP line up is
Jang and Jocelyn - vocals, Jen - bass, Jimmy - guitar, and Freddy - drums

1999 Animal Rights comp line up same as above

2000 LP / CD line up is
Jang and Eileen vocals, Jen - 2nd guitar, Austin - lead guitar, Scott - bass, Jeff - drums and Chris guest vocals.
2002 split CD line up is
Jang - vocals, Jen - vocals and back to bass, Jimmy (welcome back) - guitar and keyboard and Jeff - drums