ANARCHO PUNK FEST - A Benefit show for Stigs family. Jan 16th - 2005
Thanks to all the bands, speakers, Joe from Showcase, Ronarchy, Tricia, Shant,
No Compromise,and everyone who took part.  Special thanks to Ezzat Soliman for the donation.
Free merch and boxes of stuff was sent by Go Kart records, PETA, In Defense of Animals & Animal Defense League.
" Stig, this event was for you. "
Showcase sign                      Waste                               Speaker                          The Vaginals               Ben(Aitch Son), J. &              Against Empire
                                                                                                                                                            Calvin (Stigs son)
Scarred For Life                                                               Crowd shot                    Stage Divers                     Resist and Exist               Resist and Exist
Crowd shot                       Ben doing vocals            Tricia doing vocals          Shant doing vocals               Speakers                         Clyde w/ his                
                                        for Icons of Filth               for Icons of Filth              for Icons of Filth                                                                kids
   Card for Stigs                We love you Stig                Stig benefit shirt              Benefit shirt (back)             Crowd shot                       Icons of Filth
      family                                                                    made by Steve

Some of these photo credit goes to Kate.  These are the only pictures that we have.  Let me
know if anyone has pics of Armistice +  Rick & Steve doing guest vocals for Icons of Filth.
You can go to Scarred for Life web site.  They took many pictures of different bands.
Click here to check out the photo bucket made by Scarred for Life
If you know any other web sites with pics or reviews please email me:
The peace salute
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