with Marck Bruback, and AK Press books.
This was the first Resist and Exist tour ever. I learned a lot from this
tour and had a really great time, except towards the end.  Many thanks to Neil from Tribal War Records  for asking us to join this
tour.  Thanks to all the kind people who fed us and provided us a warm place
to stay.  Thanks also to all the wonderful people we met at the shows.
This is the diary with which I recorded my thoughts on of the tour.
December 15th, 1998

Katrina, Freddy, Gidget, Jen, Jimmy and I all left for Ventura in the
evening in our rented mini van.  If it wasn't  for Katrina we wouldn't  have
even gotten the van. The van was packed with merchandise and backpacks so
there wasn't  much room for us to move around.   Our first stop was at the
Praxis house in   San Francisco.  Chris greeted us and the place was wall to
wall art work, posters and revolutionary banners.  The house looked more
like an info shop.  Katrina and I talked to Chris for a long time.  He was
interested in knowing how the Ventura Food Not Bombs was going.   Chris gave
us a $100.00 donation, on behalf of the S.F. Food Not Bombs,  for the West
Coast Food Not Bombs gathering.  It was getting very late and I fell asleep
on Chris's bed after he left to help a friend study.
December 16th, 1998

I woke up very early.  I couldn't get much sleep for some reason.   In the
morning I talked with Rahula, Chris's roomate.   She was wearing a brace and
was in a hurry to get to court.  She explained that she and some of her
friends threw a pie at Willie Brown.  She was then tackled by a football
player and subsequently broke her collar bone. I had remembered seeing that
on the news some weeks before.  Willie Brown is a mayor and the pie throwing
incident was for political reasons.  Mayor Brown is trying to sweep all the
homeless people away.  I woke up all the band members since we had a very long drive ahead of us. 
We all wrote a thank you note and left the Praxis house.  We drove from SF to Portland which was about 12 hours.  It was very foggy
and the bad weather made me nervous.  We are at Jocelyn's pad right now. 
She is roomates with Kevin, the singer of Axiom.  It seems he has a lot in
common with Jimmy.  He is showing him his record collection.  I just
finished a good dinner and I need to close here now and get some rest.
Jimmy-Resist And Exist + Kevin from Axiom.  This was the first thing they did when they met.  You can't keep these guys apart.  Pic on the right- just waking up in Portland.
J.Lee and Nickle from Spiral Records at    a  benefit show in Olympia, Washington.
Thursday, December 17th, 1998

Today we drove up to Olympia, Washington.  When we arrived, there was a
small anti-war protest going on.  So we hung out for a little while, then
went to get some food.   We went back to the protest afterward and there
were only three people left.  Freddy and I hung out for awhile and then went
to Bread & Roses.  They were giving out free, hot meals.  Later on Neil and
Aus Rotten arrived in a big van.  We happily exchanged greetings.  Tonights
show was $3  and they were able to get 2 boxes of books that were to be
donated to prisoners.  Kate organized this show.  I was really impressed with a poet by the name of Marck Bruback.  His
performance really made the crowd smile a lot.  He is a political poet with
some comedy worked in between.  He kept having the audience chant strange
things.  I didn't know poets could illicit such audience participation until
I saw Marck perform.  After our set was over it was Aus Rotten up next.  I
was a little disappointed that they didn't do a lot of their songs from the
ep's, they did mostly new stuff I had never heard before.  The punk crowd
dances very different there.  I was very happy to meet Nickle from Spiral
Records.  He gave us a box of our new 7 inch.  Kate gave us some gas money although I did feel strange taking it from her,
seeing as it was a benefit show.  So I just told her to tallk to Neil.  We
drove 2 hours back to Portland.